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We are a registered and fully licensed company. We provide free collection services for any commercial and residential computers & IT equipment disposal and recycling.  We also provide 100% WEEE compliance disposal of your redundant computers and IT equipment.

Our  data erase procedure is 100% confidential and GDPR compliance. No minimum limits any quantity collected.

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Why Recycle with RAQ?

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RAQ is a registered and fully licensed IT recycling company, who take full responsibility of your IT equipment disposal and 100% confidential data destruction . We are passionate promotor of recycling to reduce global environmental pollution for our future generations. We fulfil our  environmental responsibility with full honesty and passion. Our goal is to  maximise the amount of computers & IT material reuse. We work in compliance with all GDPR and environmental regulations and legislation and are responsive and adoptive to best practices within the Computer & IT recycling industry.The Environment Agency sets a benchmark of 16% landfill disposal. We work with many waste disposal facilities to minimise the amount of waste and exceed benchmark with a 0% landfill disposal rate. RAQ is always committed to provide high level of support and services to our clients with full satisfaction, guarantee and confidentiality.

What We Offer?

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100% Confidential Data Erase

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Bulk Collection

We have full capability to collect, recycle and dispose large quantity of redundant computers and IT equipment. We may require our manager to visit the site to make  suitable arrangements for bulk collection.


Tracked Vehicles

We use up to date tracking devices on our collection vans. All your data and redundant IT gadgets will reach to us safely and with full confidentiality.

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Small Quantity Collection

No minimum collection limits for commercial and residential recycling. Any quantity is collected. If you are a small business and only have few computers or IT equipment to dispose,  we will work with you and  make arrangements for collection. 

RAQ Tech Revive is a trusted  name for all your confidential data destruction, computers and IT gadgets disposal & recycling needs.